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My personal attitudes and commitment to a PD plan; and why

27 October 2021

by Rochelle

My Professional Development Plan
My Action Plan for my Professional Development Plan

I am committed to my own professional development because I want to be the best that I can be in my job, but also as a person. I will look for opportunities to do something I’ve never done before to challenge myself outside of my comfort zone. It is best to learn outside of my comfort zone, because I do things that I don’t usually do and therefore I will learn the best in such situation.

 I will identify the skills I want to develop and new things that I want to learn, then I will find ways to do it whether it will be on the job or formal learning, I will find the best way to learn that is right for me. I will also identify the skills and knowledge that I will need for my dream job and see how I can develop those skills or learn the skills and knowledge that I don’t have, so that I can get my dream job and be the best in it and stand out above all the others.

 I will set goals for myself (like I already have) and I will try my utmost best to complete it in the time I had planned it for.

When someone asks me something about content in our studies, I will explain to them what they want to know the best way I can (Staff Report, 2000). I will look for opportunities to learn things outside of my job or my studies so that I have a variety of knowledge which will be a benefit in my job as well as my personal life (Staff Report, 2000).

I will also try to meet as many people as possible so that I can learn from them professionally.

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